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The Complete Multispeciality Hospital

Remedy Hospitals is a full-service hospital, delivering state-of-the-art medical, surgical and diagnostic services in diverse specialties. A balance of innovative technology, compassionate treatment, sensitive care and commitment to excellence makes Remedy Hospitals, a hospital with a difference.

A unit of Albha Health Care Pvt Ltd, Remedy Hospitals offers a wide range of highly specialised medical, surgical and diagnostic services in diverse specialties. Managed by a team of internationally qualified and experienced healthcare professionals, Remedy Hospitals provides compassionate, family centered and quality medical care at affordable costs while adhering to high moral and ethical standards

Our Emergency Services

  • 24 Hr Emergency Rooms
  • 24 Hr Pharmacy
  • 24 Hr Laboratory
  • 24 Hr Ambulance

At Remedy Hospital, we provide the best emergency services in Hyderabad and as a leading Emergency care clinic in Hyderabad- our 24 hours Emergency care response provides you the best of the workforce, professionalism and infrastructure.

Our Health Check Up Packages

Offer Price: Rs 3600/-

Master Health Check Up